Subutex 8mg (Buprenorphine)


Buy Subutex 8mg Online. Buprenorphine is a semisynthetic opioid derivative. It is used to treat opioid addiction in higher dosages, to control moderate acute pain in non-opioid-tolerant individuals in lower dosages and to control moderate chronic pain in even smaller doses.

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Subutex 8mg contains Buprenorphine which is an opioid used to treat opioid addiction, acute pain, and chronic pain. It can be used under the tongue, by injection, as a skin patch, or as an implant. Buy Subutex 8 mg online – Buprenorphine – Order Subutex 8 mg without prescription.

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Chemically, buprenorphine HCl is (2S)-2-[17-Cyclopropylmethyl-4,5α-epoxy-3-hydroxy-6-methoxy6α,14-ethano-14α-morphinan-7α-yl]-3,3-dimethylbutan-2-ol hydrochloride. Buprenorphine HCl has the molecular formula C29 H41 NO4 • HCl.

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